Tango Maestros

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change

 Our teachers – Nora & Laci

In tango, We emphasize the systems approach and the importance of connection.

Laci – “I have more than three decades of dancing experience behind me. I have already tried several genres. Modern dances, Jazz dance, Ballet, Competition dance, and finally I landed at Argentine tango.

I was a competitor and also a judge of the International Fashion Dance Association (IDO) and won the title of European Champion, World Champion and World Cup winner several times.

I studied modern dance teaching and choreography.

I am the manager and the choreographer of the Argentine Tango Dance Theatre and the president of our Tango Dance Theatre Association. We also perform my plays, live tango performances, and tango shows at various festivals and stages.”

Nóri – ” I graduated as a ballet artist at the Hungarian Academy of Dance, and a bit later Argentine tango entered my life. As a member of the Argentine Tango Dance Theatre, I danced on stage for 14 years. During my dancing life, I represented the direction of tango nuevo for a long time. Together with Laci, we teach nuevo and the traditional tango for advanced classes.”