Jewellery2Tango – Frequently asked questions


How will my jewellery arrive?

Each piece of jewellery will be presented inside its velvet pouch.

It will then be carefully wrapped, to ensure a safe shipment.

What do I do if my order has arrived damaged?

If you should receive a faulty or damaged item, please notify us and send us a photo within three days of receiving the item. We will not process claims for damaged or faulty after this period.

To arrange a return, or if the item you received is damaged or faulty or it is not what you originally ordered, please email at quoting your name and address, details of the product, the reason for return and whether you require a refund or replacement. We will then advise on how to proceed with the return.

Can I return my purchase?


Items should be returned within 10 days of purchase.

Returns must be shipped prepaid and insured, with signature confirmation.

Returns items must be in unused, unaltered, and undamaged condition.

Upon receiving a returned item, the item will be inspected and a refund will be initiated within 10 days of Jewellery2Tango receipting the item.

The cost of any of the original shipping and the cost of return shipping will not be refunded.

Can I request that my purchase be sent as a gift?


Just let us know and we will be very pleased to offer a special wrapping paper together with a special note with your message on it.

Taking care of your jewellery

What is my Jewellery2Tango made of?

All Jewellery2Tango is crafted from sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We use sterling silver as copper improves the hardness of the metal without affecting the colour. The copper provides durability and strength to your Tango Jewellery as 100 % pure silver is too soft and would regrettably tender and too fragile for durable wear. The small amount of copper added to sterling has very little effect on the metal’s value. Rather, the pricing of individual pieces reflects the labour involved in the crafting process, the skill of our silversmiths and the intricacy of the design.

Some jewellery also comprises a semi-precious gemstone, which each have its own individual properties.

How do I keep my jewellery looking its best?

The best and most efficient way to keep your jewellery clean and lustrous is… to wear it! The sebum naturally secreted by your skin will limit tarnishing and help the silver to shine.

Should your jewellery only be worn on special occasions and stored for periods, you may notice a “blackening” of the silver, also known as “tarnishing”. This is normal and fixable. Should this occur, or should you just wish to give your jewellery a clean, you will find a few cleaning tips below.

There are a number of ways to clean your jewellery, starting with simple “home remedies”.

(-) The safest and most gentle cleaning solution is to use a very soft toothbrush, warm water and a few drops of mild, ammonia- and phosphate-free dishwashing soap. Dip the toothbrush in the warm water containing a few drops of soap and gently scrub your jewellery clean.

(-) If your jewellery needs a more thorough clean, bicarbonate paste, (which you can make yourself with a mix of baking soda and water) or basic toothpaste (i.e. non-whitening, non-gel, non-coloured, no microplastic/microbeads) can prove to be more efficient, although a less gentle, technique. Again using a very soft toothbrush put a small amount of the bicarbonate or toothpaste on the toothbrush and very gently brush your jewellery clean to avoid any scratching of the silver.

Always ensure that you rinse your jewellery well under clear water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth after cleaning.

What about chemical cleaners?

While there is a variety of market available silver cleaning solutions, (some of which may prove more effective than the “home remedies” provided above), harsh chemical cleaners, which could cause the stone to discolour, and some even eventually, will adversely affect many stones break apart.

The only chemical cleaners’ jewellery would recommend is silver cleaning cloths used on the silver components and not the stone.

How should I store my jewellery?

Sterling silver will tend to tarnish when left in the open air, especially if in high humidity. Gemstones should not be left under the sun for too long.

When not being worn we recommend that your jewellery is stored in an airtight bag or box, in order to avoid exposure to open air, humidity, sunlight and any other harsh elements. If possible, add anti-tarnish strips, silica gel or any other moisture absorber to your method of storage.

To avoid scratching and rubbing please store your jewellery pieces individually.