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Exe Budapest Center 4*



Sterling silver,
custom-made collection

„Every piece of jewellery tells a story”
.. And this story is about our passion, the TANGO


Our Motto

We are dedicated to giving you a relaxing fun time that is tailored to your dreams, so the days you spend with us will become your best memories. Tango2Vacation is the only organisation in Budapest specialised in combining luxurious all-around holiday programs and tango dance experience during the whole year.

Have you ever faced any of these holiday issues, when…

… When you would have loved to go on a tango vacation but you had no partner to go with. Or you were sitting on a milonga, but didn't even have the chance to get up from your seat and show your shine on the dance floor?

… Got home from a heavy workshop or marathon thinking to yourself that „yep, it was good dancing but I only had the chance to see the dance studio and the airport from the city”

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Our Services

Tango workshop

Small groups of maximum 10 people (5 dance couples). Intermedium level (6 months and more experience level). Safe environment, personal attention during classes.

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Private city tour

Just imagine a city of great history combined with the bubbling energy of youth, a cocktail that you will love to enjoy. Budapest is rated one of the most romantic and sexiest cities in Europe.

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Spine & Fascia Training

Create body awareness about how to use our bodies in an efficient way with minimum effort to develop a soft and relaxed, yet stable and energetic presence on the dancefloor.

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Light, design and elegance in the heart of Budapest – Exe Budapest Center 4*

In the heart of Budapest, we find Exe Budapest Center, a hotel that breathes innovation, modernity and comfort through all its pores. A fusion of tradition and innovation that will not leave you indifferent.

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