Ella from Israel

Every woman was once a girl.  And somewhere deep in the soul, this girl continues to stay with us all our life … And every girl inside each of us dreams of her first ball … And no matter how old you are according to your passport, this dream is always alive. And for me, this dream suddenly came true, and Csilla became the magic fairy who made this miracle… It was she who invited me to the Great Ball in Budapest, it was she who ordered me a wonderful room in an excellent hotel in the city centre… She also picked up a companion for me by a hotel room, and she also provided a super interesting program for all five days of my stay in Budapest… And most importantly, she made sure that all five days were tango days: workshops, milongas and – the highlight of the program – a wonderful ball!

I will remember these days, these impressions, these milongas forever!  Thank you, Csilla for the miracle you gave