Have you ever faced any of these holiday issues, when …

… When you would have loved to go on a tango vacation but you had no partner to go with. Or you were sitting on a milonga, but didn’t even have the chance to get up from your seat and show your shine on the dance floor?

You can come ON YOUR OWN to Budapest yet you will never be alone with us! We guarantee to match you with a local, suitable dance partner not only for the workshops but also for some parts of the milongas to help you to show your shine on the dancefloor.

… You got home from an exhausting workshop weekend or marathon thinking to yourself: „yep, dancing was great but I only had the chance to see the dance studio and the airport from the city?

We have well-balanced program schedules including milongas, tango workshops and city tours to show you the most famous sites of Budapest as well as the hidden treasures of the city. And there is always enough time in the mornings to have some sleep –and still be on time for breakfast J

… You had to choose between vacations with your family/non-dancing partner or follow your own passion for tango and felt torn and guilty about it?

Our holiday packages are filled with lots of not tango related, yet exciting programs – city tours, Turkish bath visits, fireworks, NLP training … and many more – that you can enjoy together. For the evening milongas we can offer to organise extra programs for those who don’t want to dance.

… You couldn’t decide whether to choose a glamorous historical destination or a vibrant city that wants to live like there is no tomorrow?

Budapest is separated by the Danube River to Buda and Pest and these two parts have their own distinct personalities as well. While Buda’s Castle District purrs with imperial taste, Pest’s buzzing bar scene is always lively. While Buda offers fairy-tale architecture, pretty promenades and an escape into nature, Pest delivers a convivial, vivid atmosphere with plenty of trendy bars, cafés and restaurants. The perfect 2in1 city vacation solution.

… Taken on a city tour where you were jammed in on a huge tour bus without air-conditioning, and the guide didn’t speak a word of your language?

Your personal tour guide will answer all your questions and show you around the city in the language you speak. Your vehicle for the city tour will be a comfortable high-end quality, air-conditioned car or a private riverboat to cruise on the Danube while sipping a glass of wine.

… You found a holiday offer that you would have loved to take, but the timing just wasn’t right?

We have new holiday offers based on different concepts every month for you to find your perfect vacation.

… You were taken to milongas with the same people, to the same dance studio during your retreat all the time and you were thinking to yourself that „I could have done this at home

Five evening milongas on four different venues. You will have the perfect dance experience in different picturesque locations like the Royal Castle or along with the river band of the Danube during the summer. Meet the local milongueros and experience those long missed embraces.

 … You enrolled in a workshop that was so packed, that you could hardly move, and the teacher/organisers did not even know your name by the end of the class.

We have small groups to ensure that everyone has enough space in the classroom and personal attention from the teachers during classes. The teaching technique is tailored to your needs to help you to become the best tanda for your partner.

… The accommodation was a reminder of a haunted castle and you had to travel for ages to get to anywhere?

You will be staying in a 4* historic premium hotel in the city centre having the best of Budapest at your doorstep within walking distance.

… You had the fear of losing your booking fee in case of cancellation due to the pandemic?

If you cannot travel due to travel restrictions/travel warnings, we grant free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the course. Enjoy carefreely, no-risk booking!

If you would like to enjoy a perfect tango holiday without having to deal with these holiday breakers, you are at the right place! Your vacation is waiting for you…